Tantric Dance: The embodiment of feminine power

The Tantric Dance is a keenly focused, self-referred moving meditation that circulates the life force throughout the nadis (subtle energy channels of the body) and weaves the energies of the Womb, Heart and Third Eye. It is a spontaneous practice that is experienced only by direct, subtle communion with the innate intelligence and powers of the body. Spontaneity manifests a precision and profundity of experience that far surpasses that of technique, especially when rooted in subtle energetic awareness and devotional intention.

The Dance is based in profound Pleasure. Though trivialized, distorted and profaned in the modern world, in reality Pleasure is a central mystery of authentic power and spiritual knowedge. It is inseparable from Shakti, the Cosmic Feminine Creative Force. Pleasure is a sacred gift from the Divine Mother.

The Tantric Dance is a continual moving stream of asanas imbued with knowledge, pleasure and power; a flowing infinity of shapes, subtle sensations, feelings, emotions and movement. In the Dance our full-body, multivalent, spherical awareness unfolds naturally. A river does not think where it will go, it feels what is present–rocks, earth, soil, cliffs, valleys, plants and trees…and moves responsively. We dance the river of our devotion and desire. It flows through us until we become the very Ocean of Bliss.

Through This Dance, the dancer increases her sensitivity to subtle energies, learns how to absorb them as they intensify, rather than dissipate them, leading to an ever increasing capacity to receive, generate and absorb higher frequencies in the body. “Frequency” is no poetic expression but a concrete, tangible phenomenon. At the higher frequencies, The Tantric Dance is the literal living embodiment of deity. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is danced for the benefit of self, witness and all beings.